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Business Banking

The Second Generation of eDeposit is coming:

Valley Community Bank is pleased to introduce the second generation of “eDeposit”, our remote deposit capture product. With our new eDeposit you have unsurpassed flexibility, security, and reporting capabilities for online check deposits.

Business MasterCard Debit Cards are now available

Now all business types can obtain a debit card. You can now reduce the need for checks and cash; automatically deduct funds from business checking account, no monthly payments; get authorization for immediate shipment; and request extra cards for employees with preset spending limits.

Going beyond services to deliver
real solutions.

Many businesses choose a bank with a wide range of services and special offers. And for each one there is a different banking representative, a different process, and a result that may not be well suited to your banking needs. What’s worse is going through the experience all over again, each and every time.

At Valley Community Bank, we start by having one of our experienced, knowledgeable, full-service representatives do the listening. Then together we can put into action the right solutions that deliver tangible value to your organization. It’s our way of partnering with you to achieve the ultimate goal – success!


Lines of Credit
To meet seasonal cash flow needs and to carry accounts receivable.
Commercial Loans
Equipment financing or permanent working capital.
Real Estate Loans
Commercial real estate financing for owner-users or investors.
SBA Loans
As a Preferred Lender, we can provide both SBA 7a and 504 type loans for business, equipment and/or commercial real estate acquisition.


Value Business Checking

Ideal for small business with a moderate amount of transactions.

Complete Business Checking

A more expansive service for businesses with high levels of activity and/or that use a large variety of banking services.

Capital Business Checking

An interest-bearing business account designed for sole proprietors, not-for-profit organizations and government entities.

Client Trust Account

For businesses such as law offices, insurance agencies, realtors, etc. that require a separate account for holding clients’ funds.

Statement Savings

Interest bearing business accounts with a low opening balance.

Business Money Market Savings

Provides higher interest rates on your account balance.

Business Investment Manager

Interest bearing account that allows you to earn premium rates by making a limited number of withdrawals.

Certificates of Deposit

Competitive rates and maturity terms are based on the amount and the length of term for the deposit. Contact us or stop by for a rate quote today.


For current interest rates and account fees, please contact a customer service representative at your local banking office.


  • Online Banking – access 24/7
  •  eValley Cash Management Services – includes:
    Originate Automated Clearing House (ACH) files
    - ACH allows you the ability to originate electronic debits and credits to be processed through an Automated Clearing House. If your business collects recurring payments like dues or premiums or if you want to do payroll direct deposit into your employees' bank accounts.
    Online Tax Payments
    – Using ACH you can originate your tax payments to the IRS or State, controlling when you want the payments delivered to the agency.
    Wire Transfers – Initiate wire transfers requests and set up recurring templates for your ease of use.
    Positive Pay – This is the newest of our products. The product reduces fraudulent activity on your account, such as, altered and counterfeit checks. You simply create a file of the check information your company has issued and import it into the bank. When checks are presented to VCB for payment, the checks are compared to your file for approval.
  •  eDeposit – Scan your deposits at your place of business for electronic presentment to the bank. This saves your company gas, time away from the office, and provides you images right on your own computer.
  •  Courier Service – we’ll come to your place of business.
  •  Business MasterCard Debit Cards – Now all business types can obtain a debit card to reduce the need for checks and cash; get authorization for immediate shipment; request extra cards for employees with preset spending limits.
  •  Credit Cards – many options and consolidated reporting.
  •  Merchant Card Processing - a number of options to meet your needs.

For more information on these and other services, please contact us at one of our banking offices.

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